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Fox’s humour and passion, and Rocha’s virtuosity, are unmistakable


We loved Kiriki Club! They were brilliant fun & got
everyone on the dance floor!



Green Man Festival

Chai Wallah Stage

Shambala Festival

Chai Wallah Stage

The Dark Horse

Moseley, Birmingham

Kiriki Fundraiser!

Join us as we fundraise for our new album. Put on your dancing shoes, watch some cracking Birmingham bands and try out live Elvi-oke. Venue and date TBC

News From Kiriki Club

Valentines Day Special!

For all you lovers, heart breakers and singleton booty shakers we decided to do a very special video for you. Simple Song was written by our double bass player Marti Gillespie. Check it out and if you like it subscribe to our YouTube Channel to see all our new videos. Enjoy!

Be Festival Teaser

We had the pleasure to perform at this year’s Be Festival in Birmingham and the excellent people at put together a little taster for you. Enjoy!

captured by at BE Festival

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